Script Delivery Process

A secure track-and-trace service is provided to exam centres and examiners in England for the collection and delivery of unmarked scripts, externally marked coursework and language tapes for general qualifications, namely GCSE (including GCSE in vocational and modular subjects), GCE, VCE, GNVQ, AEA, FSMQ, ELC and STEP.

Information for examiners

New information is available about the script delivery service. This information will not be sent to examiners in the post so please download the PDF below and read it before your first scripts are due to arrive. Your awarding body will send you more detailed information about the scripts you are marking before the start of each exam series.

The information includes:

Arranging redeliveries

Note on arranging redeliveries - redelivery on a weekday can be arranged on the Parcelforce Worldwide website. Redelivery on a Saturday can only be arranged over the phone. Redelivery of script packages on a Saturday or to a different address is free of charge - the charges listed on the website do not apply to this service.