Script Delivery Process

The Institute of Educational Assessors (IEA) was launched on 9 May 2006 to provide professional support and services for assessment in all its forms, including teachers, examiners, markers and moderators.

The Institute provides professional development through services such as a website, magazine and networking events. Its aim is seek to build the knowledge, skills and capabilities of those working in educational assessment, and provide an independent voice for the assessment community.

Consultation and research into the institute

The NAA conducted extensive research in 2004 into examiners' views and attitudes towards assessment, which has helped to shape the development of the IEA.

In our initial research we found that examiners felt unsupported, unrecognised and professionally unrepresented in connection with their assessment roles.

In conjunction with MORI, we conducted a more comprehensive consultation with stakeholders on our proposals for the institute in summer 2004. Respondents showed overwhelming support for the aims of the institute, with over 84% agreeing that the organisation should aim to improve the quality of assessment.